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Kinarm System Software

Easy-to-use behavioural control and data acquisition software operates Kinarm Labs, providing precise, reliable control and measurement.

Begin Designing Experiments Right Away

All Kinarm Labs include a custom control system called Dexterit-E for safe, precise control of the Kinarm robots. Dexterit-E is operated through an easy-to-use interface on a Microsoft Windows® computer, but runs the Kinarm Lab through a real-time computer providing precise, reliable control and measurement of the system under study.

A Complete Research Lab

You’ll have everything you need to begin collecting data immediately.


Dexterit-E™ controls all Kinarm Labs allowing users to rapidly implement their research protocol without having to be professional programmers.

Dexterit-E Explorer

Dexterit-E Explorer™ allows users to review Kinarm data files and to communicate/share their results with others - including creation of reports from Kinarm Standard Tests.