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Technology designed to help neuroscience researchers achieve their goals.

Kinarm is helping basic and clinical researchers who are studying the brain conduct research today that will help to transform the lives of tomorrow’s patients.

Exoskeleton Lab

A versatile research facility to study sensory, motor and cognitive function.

End-Point Lab

A simpler, cost-effective graspable robot, this platform creates highly complex mechanical environments. 

NHP Kinarm Exoskeleton Lab

Start collecting data immediately with a sophisticated platform to monitor and manipulate NHP upper limb. 


Take your experiment to the next level with upgrades and integrated peripherals designed to shed new light on brain function.

Kinarm Standard Tests™

Kinarm Standard Tests™ provide sensitive and objective measures of cognitive, motor and sensory functions through the precise measurement of human behaviour.


Both motor and gaze measures are seamlessly integrated for effective experimental control and data analysis.

System Software

Kinarm provides a complete research lab so you can begin collecting data immediately.


Control software for Kinarm Labs that allows users to rapidly implement their research protocol without having to be a professional programmer.

Dexterit-E Explorer

Data viewer software that allows Kinarm users to review data files captured with Dexterit-E software and to share results with others.

Published Research

Kinarm’s sophisticated technology labs have been used in more than 350 basic and clinical research publications.