Neuroscience 2015 is just around the corner so we thought we should give a sneak peak of what you might hear about if you visit our booth (#2073):

For KINARM Standard Tests, we are proud to say that an “overall” Task Score will be available for every Standard Task with the release of Dex 3.6.  The addition of a “global” score will greatly assist new and long-time users of KST to help them quickly answer the question: “Did my subject pass or fail the task?”  Have no fear, all the parameters and analysis are still there; nothing has been taken away.  We’ll be happy to share the “math” behind it (can you say “Mahalanobis”?) and we are eager to get your feedback.

Also new to KINARM Standard Tests with Dex 3.6 is the Spasticity and Tone Task.  Thanks to the hard work of our customers at Sunnybrook Research Institute, we think this new task for our Exoskeleton Lab users will be a massive improvement over the Modified Ashworth and Tardieu tests.  The task will be available for demonstration in our booth at Neuroscience. You can get a peak at the new report here: Spasticity and Tone Task

Lastly, we hope to see you at the Neurorehab Social being held at RIC which we are sponsoring again this year.  Further details are listed under the Satellite Events on the SfN website.

Hope to see you there!

Anne, Ian & Duncan