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Sample Tasks

AdvancedLoadsPosition Control
Reaching Task with Force Channel with Position Control
Adds position control to the force channel sample task.
Reaching Task with Perturbation
This task is a simple reaching task where the subject is perturbed during the reach.
AdvancedComplex VisualsLoads
This task demonstrates how to dynamically manipulate an image and use forces.
AdvancedComplex VisualsHand Feedback
Reaching with Visuomotor Rotation
This task demonstrates how to create a visuomotor rotation task, and also provides an example of a "persistent" variable in embedded MATLAB.

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Kinarm Academy

Get the most out of your Kinarm with training designed with you in mind.
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User Guides & Documentation

All of our user guides and accompanying documentation are available for download to registered users
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Community Forum

Search the Q&A Forum to see if your question is already answered. If not, pose a question and we will respond via email.
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Sample Tasks

Take a look at some of the custom tasks that other users have created for the Kinarm.
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Software Downloads

Dexterit-E and MATLAB software is available for download to registered users.
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Installing and Maintaining Your Kinarm

We provide important documents that ensure the best possible user experience during installation and offer suggestions about how to look after your Kinarm Lab.

Software Downloads

Dexterit-E Explorer

Latest Version: 3.10
Released: February 23, 2023

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