Kinarm welcomes Brainbox as a value-added reseller of Kinarm Labs, bridging Kinarm Labs’ strength in the quantitative assessment of brain injury into the rapidly advancing field of neurostimulation.



Based in Cardiff, UK, the Brainbox team specializes in developing bespoke systems for even the most demanding research projects, offering multimodal solutions for tES, TMS, TUS, neuroimaging techniques and much more. Brainbox brings together decades of first-hand academic and technical experience in working with cutting-edge non-invasive brain stimulation and imaging technologies. Working closely with leading researchers at top institutions around the world, Brainbox helps enable the very best neuroscience research projects with tailored and fully integrative non-invasive brain stimulation and brain imaging techniques.

Andrew Thomas, Managing Director of Brainbox, says, “We are very excited about the possibilities that Kinarm will open up for our customers. Kinarm offers the ability to objectively quantify behaviour and the impact of neurostimulation approaches on performance. With the prospect of Kinarm’s assistance in validating such techniques, there is hope for the development of novel treatments and therapies for people suffering with brain injury or disease.”

Kinarm’s President & CEO, Anne Vivian-Scott, says, “With Brainbox’s deep expertise in non-invasive brain stimulation and their capabilities at integrating different technologies, we are excited by the opportunity to create a truly end-to-end solution for neuroscientists. This really represents the next frontier for Kinarm and for the global initiative to improve outcomes following a brain injury or disease.We’re excited by the possibilities that our partnership hopes to foster.

Founded by neuroscientists with a strong commitment to scientific rigor, Kinarm’s philosophy is completely aligned with Brainbox’s dedication to enabling excellence in neuroscience research. Kinarm is addressing the lack of objective measures of brain function by pioneering the use of interactive robotics to provide a scientific platform to quantify behaviour in a highly controlled virtual reality environment.