To our valued Kinarm Lab users, collaborators and followers,

Today, June 27, 2019 is the day we announce our new company name: Kinarm.

It has been nearly 20 years since the publication of the first paper disclosing the novel instrument invented by Dr. Stephen Scott of Queen’s University at Kingston to enable his own research program.  KINARM, or Kinesiological Instrument for Normal and Altered Reaching Movements, has since spawned hundreds of research articles, not just by Scott LIMB Lab, but also by the more than 95+ Kinarm labs around the world.

Last January, we surveyed many of our current users for your feedback and asked you: what name do you know us by?  The answer was simple and resounding: Kinarm is how we are known.  Thus started a process to rethink our brand and today we announce the first milestone in that process.

As of today, our company is united with our core product under one name: Kinarm.

We are also introducing our new logo!

The Kinarm wordmark takes its inspiration from the common paradigm of our products and the solution they provide to addressing your basic and clinical research questions on the brain.  It is inspired by neurons connecting to each other, and a user holding the Kinarm End-Point handle or arm in the Kinarm Exoskeleton, and reaching their arm to perform tasks.
The uppercase “A” is taken from the original KINARM logo, and creates a precision point representing our core values of precision and scientific rigor. The reaching arm of the “K” could be interpreted as a magnifying glass searching for answers.

Legally, we remain incorporated as BKIN Technologies Ltd., and thus you may notice the BKIN name used in legal statements and financial documents such as invoices.

What doesn’t change is our commitment to you, our customers.  You told us we are: “pushing the boundaries as leaders [with] comprehensive solutions [that are] precise; user-friendly for clinicians, and flexible for researchers.”

Thank-you for your trust; we will continue to deliver just that.

For the entire team at Kinarm,

Anne Vivian-Scott, President & CEO