Like all businesses around the world, we are feeling the impacts of COVID 19.  To keep you abreast of the impact, we’ve started this blog:

First post: 6-Mar-20; last update: 20-Aug-21

  1. Subject Safety as You Return to  Your Research

Per our Kinarm Operator Guide, we recommend the following cleaning procedures following each session:

  • Wipe clean and/or disinfect all components and surfaces that came into contact with the subject between each use to prevent the transfer of pathogens. Unless otherwise specified, suitable cleaning products include soap and water and suitable disinfectants include Cloroz or Lysol disinfectant wipes. Unless otherwise specified, no part of the Kinarm lab should be submerged or subjected to large amounts of liquid.
  • Areas include:
    • Robot Handles.
    • Table Top.
    • Vision-blocking bib and forehead rest: these can be cleaned with soap and water or alcohol-based cleaners. They can be disinfected with up to 20% bleach and water solution, hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners or quaternary-based cleaners. Isopropyl alcohol may be used for stubborn stains. Rinse thoroughly with water and air-dry.
    • Mirror and subject display layers on the Virtual Reality Stand (excluding mirror surface, see below).
    • The chair: seat cushion, backrest, and armrests.
    • The subject harness and hip belt may be sprayed and wiped with damp cloth and/or disinfectants. For a more thorough clean, the harness can be hand washed or machine washed (in a laundry bag on gentle cycle) with mild detergent, but must be hung to dry and should NOT be placed in the dryer.
    • As needed, wash the semi-transparent mirror gently with a soft and clean cloth (e.g. microfibre) or synthetic sponge, using Windex or other ammonia-based household window cleaner.

    • Dirty cloths, brown paper towels, newspaper, bristled brushes or abrasive cleaners should also not be used as these will damage the reflecting surface of the semi-transparent mirror.
    • COVID-19 notes:

      1. 3M has provided the following updated recommendations for cleaning:  CareCleaning-WF-June2020 .
      2. 3M has changed their position regarding the use of alcohol.  Our operator guide was updated in Apr-21. Previously we advised against the use of ALCOHOL-based cleaners as we were told these will degrade the film on the glass.  As of 16-Jun-20, 3M states that a maximum concentration of 70% isopropyl alcohol can be used on the film without degrading it.
      3. Windex does come in a disinfectant variety that IS listed on the EPA database of suitable cleaning products again COVID-19:  See: . 3M never responded to our request to confirm if Windex Disinfectant is acceptable, so we advise against use.
  •  Parts
    • Computers: We are about to receive a large batch of computers from Advantech.  We foresee no requirement to ration distribution of them.
  • Lab Orders
    • Regular production has not been impacted.  We will do our best to advise customers with open purchase orders of any changes in our committed delivery.
    • Installation travel is now not permitted outside of the country due to the obligatory 14-day quarantine upon return.
      • on 25-Mar-20 all on-site installation activity was suspended;
      • as of 25-May-20,
        •  remote installation support is running effectively;
        • installations within Ontario are permitted.
      • We do not anticipate US-based travel to resume until September at the earliest.  The US border remains closed by national agreement until July 21, unless it is further extended.
  • Kinarm Camp
    • We will continue to run camp virtually for the foreseeable future.
    • Videos of camp lecturers will be available on our website shortly after camp.  Stay tuned for further details!
  • Support
    • Our support team has worked hard to support you seamlessly throughout the pandemic.
    • Please continue to use the email.  We will endeavour to provide a first response within 24h.
  • Phone Calls
    • Please use our regular phone numbers.  We have forward our key lines of X 1 (Sales), X2 (Support) and X3 (Accounting) to personal cell phones.
    • If you don’t reach a person, please send an email to any of , or