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Targets with Text

You can display targets with text. To do this you need to define 3 columns for the Target Table in the Parameter Table Defn block, with specific options set for the Param. Type. One column needs to have a Param. Type of label (for the text to be displayed), one of colour (for the text colour), and the third of float (for the size of the text in cm). These data need to be passed to a Show_Target_With_Label Simulink block within your model. Within Dexterit-E you will be able to define the text. The text will always be shown centred over the target you have specified and at the size you have specified. The text can only be a maximum of 50 characters long.

Attention: There can only be one column of type label in the Target Table.

Showing dynamic text (e.g. a score) is a more complex task that generally requires coding in a Simulink embedded MATLAB block. The Kinarm support web site provides some examples of tasks showing dynamic text. As well, you can review 14.7 VCodes – Programming Visual Stimuli for examples of how to manipulate VCodes in embedded MATLAB blocks.


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