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Show Time Remaining in a Task

If your task runs for a known (or calculable) amount of time, then it is possible to display the amount of time remaining in Dexterit-E (Figure: 10.19). The Show time remaining option in the DataLogging block creates an input on that block called seconds_remaining. Whatever value is passed into this input is displayed in Dexterit-E as the time remaining. Therefore, to behave correctly the new input must be passed the number of seconds remaining in your task (i.e. this value is not calculated automatically).

  1. Check Show time remaining in the DataLogging

Figure 10.35: Enabling the Display of Time Remaining in the Task

  1. Connect a signal that contains the number of seconds left in the task to this Show time remaining

Whatever values is fed into this input will be displayed to the operator as part of the Task Status in the Dexterit-E UI.

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