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Selective Target Display Options

It is normal that most targets are shown both on the subject display and within Dexterit-E. However, it is possible to display targets only to the subject, or only to the operator in Dexterit-E. These are options which are set within the block mask for a Show_Target or Show_Target_With_Label block.

It is also possible to apply a transparency setting to targets within the Show_Target or Show_Target_With_Label block. This allows one target to be seen underneath another.

If you would like a target to have just a perimeter drawn then you can use the special “No Fill” colour “16777216” in the Target Table. Within the Dexterit-E GUI if you are editing the Target Table for a Task Protocol the colour editing dialog has a No fill button that will handle creating this special colour for you. Clicking No fill has the effect of not applying a fill to the object (i.e. the object is transparent). If the stroke colour is specified as the No fill colour then the perimeter of the target is not drawn (i.e. it is transparent).

Figure 10.16: Show_Target Options

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