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Images as Targets

It is possible to show a JPG, PNG, or BMP as a target. This is mainly handled through Dexterit-E. When you define your Target Table in the Parameter Table Defn block, any column with a Param. Type of colour can be used within the protocol editor in Dexterit-E to select images or colours to display. Only images which are stored in the task’s directory will be available. The image will be displayed mapped onto the shape you have specified in the Target Table. If you need to manipulate VCodes manually in the Task Program (e.g. via a MATLAB function) then be aware that negative values assigned to a fill colour are interpreted as image indexes. Images are indexed in alphabetical order within the task directory. For complete details on VCodes see 14.7 VCodes – Programming Visual Stimuli.

Note: Dexterit-E will only load the first 400 MB of images, further images will not be loaded. Images larger than 50 MB will not be loaded. These sizes are calculated as video memory size, not file size. Video memory size is: image width in pixels * image height in pixels * 4 bytes per pixel.

Attention: Interlaced PNGs are not supported.

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