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Position Control – Enable/Disable

This task is a slightly more complex version of the position control demo. In the original position control demo the position controller comes on at the start of the task and remains on throughout. This version of the position controller demo shows how to enable and disable the position controller smoothly – i.e. no sudden jerks as the controller goes on and off. This demo is a good place to start if you plan to have a task where you drag the subject back to a starting location after they have completed a movement.

Each trial in this task starts with the position controller off (i.e. free movement). Once the initial target is reached and held for a short time the position controller is ramped on. Once the position controller is at full strength you will be moved to a destination target. After the destination is reached the position controller is ramped off.

Last tested in Dexterit-E 3.10 and MATLAB 2015a.

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