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Coherent Dots Discrimination Task

This demonstration task is intended to show the use of the repeat target type, new in Dexterit-E 3.7, and is based on the ideas presented in:

Britten, Kenneth H., Michael N. Shadlen, William T. Newsome, and J. Anthony Movshon. “The analysis of visual motion: a comparison of neuronal and psychophysical performance.” Journal of Neuroscience 12, no. 12 (1992): 4745-4765.

Pilly, Praveen K., and Aaron R. Seitz. “What a difference a parameter makes: A psychophysical comparison of random dot motion algorithms.” Vision research 49, no. 13 (2009): 1599-1612.

This task was compiled in MATLAB 2013a and Dexterit-E 3.7 and will not work on earlier Dexterit-E versions.

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