Dexterit-E 3.6.3
July, 2017

Dexterit-E 3.6.3 has several important updates for usability, stability and maintenance. This is considered a highly recommended update.

Of special note to KINARM Standard Task (KST) users are two changes:
• Ball on Bar task has been updated to allow the operator to command the task to move
the subject’s arms to the starting targets.
• Arm position matching, Ball on Bar, and Spatial Span tasks have all had force limits
imposed in order to avoid motor overheating issues. A review of our normal control data
shows that the force limits chosen should have negligible effect (for Ball on Bar, ~2% of
normal subjects would have been affected for ~2% of the task duration; for Arm
Position Matching, ~4% of normal subjects would have been affected, typically for a
single trial; for Spatial Span 0% of normal subjects would have been affected)

Please see our release notes for a complete list of changes and fixes. Before upgrading, please be sure to read the section on “Considerations for upgrading from Dexterit-E 3.5 to 3.6“.

If you are currently on Dex 3.5 or lower, in order to run Dexterit-E 3.6.3 you will need to contact to obtain a new license key.