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Undefined function RAND_MAX simulink

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Taruna Yadav asked 6 years ago
Hi, I get this following error (MATLAB 2013a) when building a custom task in Simulink. Error evaluating Stateflow parameter data 'RAND_MAX' in its parent workspace. Caused by: Undefined function or variable 'RAND_MAX'. The only thing I know which might have caused this error is the export of task model from MATLAB 2015a to MATLAB 2013a. I tried keeping all model configuration parameters similar to the default for a task in MATLAB 2013a (which builds fine) but even then I get this error. I also tried putting # inlcude<stdlib.h> in Source FIle in model configuration parameters as instructed in the documentation, but the error still persists. Please let me know what can be done to resolve this error.   Thanks,
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Koloman Varady Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi Taruna, I am not sure why it isn't working for you - I tried to duplicate it myself but couldn't. If possible, could you send your model to our support email and I will take a look at what the error is? Cheers, Koloman