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Unable to extract data from .kinarm file

DWQA QuestionsCategory: KINARM End-Point LabUnable to extract data from .kinarm file
Darrin Wijeyaratnam asked 2 years ago
Hello,  I have recently started the process to update my lab's old Matlab 2013 analysis scripts to work with the latest version of Dexterit. However, I am having some issues with loading the .kinarm file. I get the following error: Undefined variable "java" or class "java.nio.file.FileSystems.getFileSystem". I downloaded both the java 333 update (then later uninstalled) and java 1.6 but it has not seemed to resolve the issue.  Do you know what might be causing this error? Thank you, Darrin  
Duncan McLean Staff replied 2 years ago

Hello Darrin,

The newest version of the analysis scripts is only tested to work with MATLAB 2015a SP1 and 2019b. MATLAB 2013 isn’t supported to use the scripts because some required functionality is missing.

Please contact Kinarm support using support@kinarm.com if this limitation is going to cause problems for your analysis. There may be work arounds that we could propose.

All the best,