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Trigger through connector 1 on PCI 6229

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NCML ASU asked 7 years ago
What is the Simulink Channel names for "PCI-6229 Digital I/O" if I want to use the connector 1 instead of default connector 0 on the DAQ board to trigger external system? User manual seems to only mention channels corresponding to P0.0-7 which is on the connector 1. Or do I have to configure any other settings in the task program to use the connector 1?
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Duncan McLean Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi Justin, Sorry for the delayed response, yesterday was a holiday here. As you note, section 7.19 of the most recent Task Programming Guide (for Dexterit-E 3.6) has a chart indicating how to map NI PCI-6229 channels to Simulink. I'm not sure I understand your question. When you refer to connectors 0 and 1 are you referring in specific BNC connectors or the bare wire ports on the front of the BNC-2090A board? If you want to use Digital I/O channel 1 (PO 1) then in Simulink you would refer to chennel 2 and connect a bare wire into PO 1. Is that what you mean? Cheers! Duncan