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Start and end of task protocol signal

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andpru asked 8 years ago
When integrating with our ephys system (Ripple) it is convenient to give an indication of when to start and stop recording as well as pause and unpause recording. This is done via a parallel port strobed word. The way I currently have it setup and working is to start and stop with the data logging flag. This works well but it generates one file per trial. It would be nicer to just have one data file per protocol run, so a more convenient thing to do then would be to start recording with the start of the task protocol and stop recording with the end of the task protocol and to pause / unpause with the data logging flag. I have some ideas on how to do whit within the state flow but wonder if theres a signal floating around that gives this information so that I could grab it directly. 
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Duncan McLean Staff answered 8 years ago
Hi Andrew, There are 2 goto tags you could make use of: Run_Status or run_state. Either one will work for what you want to do I think. If you look in the appendix of the task development guide there is a section that details all of the available Goto tags so you can see how these tags work. Cheers! Duncan
andpru replied 8 years ago

I use these signals to control my neurophys recording. I basically wait for a transition on Run_Status from 0->1 to start it recording and from 1->0 to stop it recording. This works great under normal conditions. However, when the task is not complete and the task is reset manually by the user, the transition from 1->0 is not captured (or is sporadically captured) and thus the neurophys rig doesn’t get the appropriate trigger to stop recording. I can think or work around but I don’t see what is happening with that manual button hit that causes the system to miss this transition. Any ideas?