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Position controller

Duncan McLean Staff asked 8 years ago
From moumarly: I want to do is to show home position, wait until the subject is on home position, and then turn the target on. The robot move the subject hand toward that target. And the movement ends, when that robot reach that target.
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Duncan McLean Staff answered 9 years ago
There is a block in the TDK for position control with the KINARM EP.  The biggest thing to know is that the position control block requires you to make a trajectory over which to move. If you just pass the position control block the end point you wish to move to then the robot will try to drive you to that position immediately, which mean very large forces will be generated.
Jasmine Mirdama replied 7 years ago

Hi Duncan, I am interested in doing a similar task. How do you recommend making a trajectory over which to move in the position control block, so that the robot doesn’t drive me immediately to the target position?

Jasmine Mirdama replied 7 years ago

Please disregard my last post. The sample download for the position control demo was very helpful. Thank you!