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Minimizing the robot display

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Anonymous Staff asked 8 years ago
Hi Duncan, We are curious if there is a way to minimize the robot task without stopping the robot program from running.  We have a reaching task (with a touchscreen) that we have setup to run on the tv monitor that the robot uses that we would like subjects to perform in addition to the robot task.  Is this possible?   Thanks, Brandon
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Duncan McLean Staff answered 8 years ago
Hello Brandon, First, let me apologize profusely for your question remaining unanswered this long! Since we have switched to this new web site we have been experiencing some troubles and we were not notified of your question being posted. By all means, if there is ever a delay in responding to you in the future please email us directly at our support email address. If a task is stopped you can use ctrl-s ("show subject display" menu item) to turn on or off the subject display. While a task is running there is no perfectly safe way to do this. If turning on and off the subject display is a critical requirement for you please email us directly so we can set up a Customer Request in our internal systems. Again, I'm very sorry for the delay in response. Duncan