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Import visual feedback data into MATLAB

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Matthias Will asked 4 years ago
Hi all, after piloting our custom task experiment I want to process the data. I found the "Kinarm Analysis Scripts" to import the c3d files so I can access all the movement related data. However, I also want to use the visual feedback from the experiment. It has to stored somewhore in the zip file as I am able to see it in the Dexterit E explorer. I assume it is stored in the vcodes.dat file, right? My question is how can I read the data from this file?
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Duncan McLean Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Matthias, The VCode information is stored in the vcodes.dat files, but it's not in a very friendly format there. Could you please send an email to support@kinarm.com with some details about the information you need to get out of the vcodes? We can see if there is an appropriate work around for you. Cheers! Duncan
Matthias Will answered 4 years ago
Hi Duncan, I tried to reconstruct the cursor position from the movement data and my original spring controller scripts. Testing the reconstruction with some validation data showed that it worked for the angular component but not for the extent (I am using polar coordinates to calculate errors in this experiment). You suggested recording the position data as analog input. I´m not quite sure if you meant it this way, but I realized you can connect any signal to the "analog_inputs" input of the DataLogging block in Simulink. So I just connected the cursor position from another block to the DataLogging block and recorded it this way, which works fine for me.  
Duncan McLean Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi Matthias,

Yes, that’s exactly how I meant to handle the analog inputs. I’m glad that’s working for you!