Home Questions How to obtain or set the IP address of of real-time computer?

How to obtain or set the IP address of of real-time computer?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: KINARM End-Point LabHow to obtain or set the IP address of of real-time computer?
Taruna Yadav asked 5 years ago
I am trying to communicate with real-time (RT) computer or xPC target computer using UDP with another non-bkin computer. I know that the IP address of RT computer is when connected to GUI computer via private DEX LAN. I am interested in using the other Ethernet port available on RT computer for communication but can't find out its IP address. Till now I have tried a direct connection between the RT computer and non-bkin computer. I also tried connecting the two computers via a router, but still can't find the IP address. Is there a standard way to set the IP address of real-time computer? Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Duncan McLean Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Taruna, I did some searching and found a few references to people trying this with xPC, though I didn't see a specific answer. The implied answer I saw was "use the real-time UDP blocks". These are variants to the UDP blocks found throughout the TDK, they can be found in the library browser under Simulink-Realtime -> Realtime UDP. Effectively, you need to add a Network configuration block and set the IP there along with the slot and port. I don't know what the slot and port off the top of my head, but given a log file from your machine we could figure it out. Once configured, the real-time UDP send and receive blocks should work - though I have not tried this myself. Having said all of that, there may be an easier solution that just makes use of the existing network connection. 1. Set the non-bkin computer's IP address to something on the same subnet as the robot computer (ex 2. Obtain a gigabit network switch (must be a switch, not a router) 3. Connect all 3 computers to the switch 4. Add UDP send and receive blocks that reference the non-bkin computer's IP. Cheers! Duncan