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How do I fix the Firewall error?

DWQA QuestionsHow do I fix the Firewall error?
Duncan McLean Staff asked 8 years ago
When you install a new version of Dexterit-E, the first time you run Windows, you will be asked how you would like Dexterit-E and Dexterit-E Display to be handled by the firewall. You should always check all options to allow Dexterit-E and Dexterit-E Display to access the network.
firewall-question If you didn't check both boxes, then the next time your run Dexterit-E and try to connect to the robot computer you will see this message: dex-error-message When you see this message you will need to fix the message using the instruction on the dialog. Here is what that will look like:
  1. Open the windows Control Panel (from the Start menu)
  2. Open System and Security -> Windows Firewall
  3. Select "Advanced settings" on the left.
control-panel 4. Under "Inbound rules" locate the entries for Dexterit-E and DexDisplay. Find the entries that are disabled or not set to "all" firewall-rules 5. Double click the entries that need fixing. On the General tab ensure that "allow the connection" is selected. In the Advanced tab ensure Domain, Private, and Public are all checked.
allow-the-connection advanced 6. Restart Dexterit-E and attempt to connect again.