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Highest number of VCODES possible

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Peter Holland asked 7 years ago
Hi, I am trying to develop quite a complex task and would like to be able to display more objects on screen, I have been using the KINVASION game (great work!) as a base and see that in the EML function of the PROCESS_VIDEO_CMD block the max_num_USER_VCODES has been increased from the standard 50 to 80. What is the absolute upper limit set by the UDP packet size? Will there be any harm caused by going beyond this or will the codes just get lost when packaging? I could just keep increasing the max_num_USER_VCODES until I start noticing things getting dropped but it would be better to know the limit and plan accordingly. Thanks Peter
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Duncan McLean Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi Peter, This is a great question. I've started working on increasing the number of VCodes that Dex can handle for the next version we release (3.7.0). It turns out that the answer here so far depends on: network speed, Dex computer, and MATLAB version. My testing indicates that you can go much higher than 80 targets. However there are some caveats and lots of testing required to ensure the system is doing what you want. I'm going to email you separately about how to do this safely. If anyone else runs into this problem please email support directly for help. Cheers! Duncan