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EyeLink as input for NHP KINARM Exoskeleton

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Duncan McLean Staff asked 12 years ago
From MJdeHaan: I am currently trying to connect the EyeLink 1000 to BKINtechnologies NHP KINARM setup, so that the eye-coordinates can be used as trigger-input for the KinArm task program, for example: trial starts when eye fixates, halts when it moves beyond a set of x-y coordinates. I only want to use EyeLink data as realtime input for the kinarm - what options are available to me to input this with the NHP setup? I remember the BKINtechnologies representative mentioning that the NHP Kinarm does not have an analog input; could you remind me again why this was? And what modelnumber is the Analog output card in the NHP system? (I could only find specification in the human guide, namely the PCI-6229 DAQ from National Intruments, but this does allow Analog input). Any insight would be greatly appreciated, Marcel
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Duncan McLean Staff answered 12 years ago
If you look in the NHP hardware guide under the unpacking and assembly section 3.6, look in section 2 under DAQ system. You have a UDI PD2-AO-16/16 (i.e. 16 channels, 16-bit) AO card, and you have the NI PCI-6503 DIO card. There is no analog input card typically for NHPs, because no one has ever asked for one. And for a bilateral NHP system there are no spare PCI slots. But there is no reason why you could not add it, because your real-time computer has one empty PCI slot. We typically use the 6229 card. There is a driver for it in xPC Target, it is 16-bit, good speed, 32-channels and is a good price. You would probably want to also get a BNC-2090a breakout box (and the cable too).