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Extracting movement kinematics from trials

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Duncan McLean Staff asked 10 years ago
I'm trying to create a task that outputs simple kinematics (e.g. reaction time, movement time, peak velocity, movement accuracy etc.) from each trial and then write those to a file. I've tried tapping into the data sent to the "UDP Send subsystem" (packet_data), but it is unclear how the data is arranged to be able to extract those movement parameters. Is this the easiest way to read-in position information from each trial?
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Duncan McLean Staff answered 10 years ago
There may be a couple of answers here, but I'll try the easy one first. If you just want these bits of information saved with your exam file (zip) then by far the easiest thing to do is add them as analog channels. To do this, in your task open the DataLogging block and check the "analog channels" block. That will create a new input on the block. You can then pass arrays of data into the input. Once you have the model compiled, you can edit your protocol in Dex. In the protocol editing dialog go to the analog channels tab, there you can name the channels you have added and ensure they get saved. Please let me know if that will work for you. If there is something else you were hoping to do with the data while the task is running we may need to do something else.