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(Exoskeleton type) What kind of data is derived using dexterit?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: KINARM Data(Exoskeleton type) What kind of data is derived using dexterit?
LEE SEONGHOON asked 5 years ago
After the task, what kind of data derived using dexterit? ?   
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Duncan McLean Staff answered 5 years ago
Hello, There are two answers to this question. There are the kinematics collected by the system, and there are parameters that we calculate as part of KINARM Standard Tests (KST). KINARM Standard Tests is our suite of standardized tests with normative data, analysis and reporting. The full protocol is currently comprised of the following tasks (grouped by domain):
  • Motor: Visual Guided Reaching, Reverse Visual Guided Reaching, Object Hit, Ball-on-Bar;
  • Cognitive: Object Hit & Avoid, Trails A & B, Spatial Span;
  • Sensory: Arm Position Matching task, Elbow Stretch
There is a KST summary available here. In the KST Summary you will note there is a description of each task, along with a listing of all of the calculated parameters that are available on the reports or in the CSV export.  Whether you are using KST or programming your own tasks you also have access to:
  • Joint based positions, velocities and accelerations (Exoskeleton only)
  • Hand positions, velocity and accelerations (Exoskeleton or End-Point)
  • Integrated peripheral information (eg. gaze tracking location, force/torque sensor feedback)
  • Commanded and recorded torques
These more detailed kinematics are available to you in MATLAB as we provide scripts to read our exam files into MATLAB. Please let us know if we can provide you with any further details. Cheers! Duncan