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Downgrading from Dex 3.6 to Dex 3.5

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Duncan McLean Staff asked 7 years ago
If you have a task that is working well in Dex 3.6 and you would like it to work in Dex 3.5 you will need to do a few things to make this happen. 1. Open MATLAB, point the MATLAB path to the Dex 3.5 TDK 2. Open your task 3. Open Model Configuration Parameters 4. Set Solver -> Tasking Mode for periodic samples times: SingleTasking 5. Open Model Explorer 6. Set Model Workspace -> BKIN_STEP_TIME = 0.0005 For most people this will get you working. If you have made use of the From tags "robot1_motor_parameters" or "robot2_motor_parameters" then you will also need to use "selector" blocks to get the information out you need as opposed to a "Bus Selector".