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Display instructions at the start of each block?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: Custom Task DevelopmentDisplay instructions at the start of each block?
Peter Holland asked 8 years ago
Is there a simple way to display specific instructions on screen at the start of each block? I could kludge it by making a specific trial type with only a text label target and the instructions in there, but that would need to be in a separate block to avoid it being randomised into the other 'real' trials of that block.  Thanks for the help
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Duncan McLean Staff answered 8 years ago
Hi Peter, I think what you have suggested - a separate block with a single trial - is a good way to go. Any other ideas I'm coming up with are far more hacky and difficult to manage. Using a separate block means you can have an easy to manage split in the logic of your stateflow code based on a TP table parameter - instruction trial vs work trial. Is there a different way you'd like to see something like this work? We are always open to suggestions for new features.  Cheers!
Peter Holland replied 8 years ago

Thanks for the very rapid response Duncan,No I’m happy with that solution, it’s just I’m fairly new to the Dexterit-e software and wanted to check I wasn’t missing anything purpose built. Cheers!

Peter Holland replied 8 years ago

As a slight extension of this, is there anyway of doing multi-line text labels? Either through ascii characters in the VCODE (I’ve been trying to use the dynamic text example and modify it) or the Dexterit-E target table? I could strategically place a few separate boxes if not.

Duncan McLean Staff replied 8 years ago

Hi Peter,<br><br>There's nothing built in to do multi line text unfortunately. Strategically placing multiple targets is the only way to go. <br><br>Cheers!