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andpru asked 8 years ago
Is there a simple way to disable the completely pause button?    
1 Answers
Duncan McLean Staff answered 8 years ago
Hi Andrew, There's no easy way to do this now without hacking the Gui Control block. I'd be happy to add this as a feature request though. Can you let me know what your use case is so I can record it with the customer request? Thanks P.S. If you really need this feature soon, email support@bkintechnologies.com and I'll walk you through hacking the Gui Control block.
andpru replied 8 years ago

Hi Duncan,No need to act immediately on this request. Short story is that I was trying to save bit on the strobed word that I used to command my neurophys rig from DexteritE. Would be nice to have On Pause Do Nothing as an option from the pull down menu.