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Customizing output data in .c3d

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yzahed asked 7 years ago
Hi, I have a variable in my Simulink program that I want to record and retrieve when I load the .c3d file. Is there a way to customize the output data of the robot? Thanks in advance, Yekta
Koloman Varady Staff replied 7 years ago

Hi Yekta,

Yes, you can save your variable using the analog inputs to the DataLogging block. If your variable is written there, it will be written to the c3d file in the ANALOG field.



Koloman Varady Staff replied 7 years ago

There’s a bit more detail on it in our Creating Task Programs for Dexterit-E guide:

The analog inputs can also be used to save any custom data. The analog_inputs input on the DataLogging
block accepts an array of doubles. Each element of the array represents a separate channel of data that will
be optionally saved in your data file. Several things are important to know about the saving process:

1. In order for the data to be saved with your exam you will need to name the channel and mark it as one
you want to save when you create or edit your Task Protocol in Dexterit-E. For details on protocol
editing please see the Dexterit-E User Guide.

2. Data is always saved in the data files as single precision. In order to save integer data, you will need
to convert the integers to doubles prior to connecting them to the analog_inputs input on the
DataLogging block. During analysis, those values can then be converted back to integers in MATLAB
as necessary.

3. Your model will be running at 2 kHz or 4 kHz, but the data will only be streamed to Dexterit-E at 1kHz.
If you need to actually save data at a 2 kHz or 4 kHz rate then you will need to send 2 or 4 channels of
data (with appropriate time-delays) and then reconstruct them later in MATLAB during analysis.Loads
on the KINARM Robot