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Duncan McLean Staff asked 9 years ago
From:brunfeld I am trying to make the cursor feedback a little more robust, and my thought was to add a trail. This would be something similar to the pointer trail option in the Windows Pointer Options tab under mouse settings. Ideally, I would program it such that this trail could act like the Windows version, ie: the cursor leaves a copy behind for a finite amount of time, OR I could leave the trail until the participant successfully hits a target. Any help would be most appreciated! Thank you, Alex.
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Duncan McLean Staff answered 9 years ago
There is no good way to keep a full path since that would likely be too many VCodes. However, you can leave behind the last X number of vodes. Send the output of the Hand Feedback block to an embedded MATLAB function like (as edited by brunfeld): function VCODETrail = makeTrail(handFeedbackVcode) %#create a permanent variable that will exist in between calls to this method. persistent trail persistent ignoreCounter if isempty(trail) %this will leave behind the last 10 positions, adjust this as required. trail = zeros(10, 70); ignoreCounter = 40; %ensure we record the first VCode end %this will ensure we only grab each 40th VCode. The model runs at 2KHz, %so if we don't do this then there will just be a solid trail of VCodes where you %can't see between any of them. You can adjust this number as required! if ignoreCounter < 40 ignoreCounter = ignoreCounter + 1; VCODETrail = trail; return; end %reset the counter so the above if statement still works ignoreCounter = 0; %This will help fade out the older VCodes opacityChange = 100.0/ size(trail,1); opacity = opacityChange; %Move each VCode one position down the list. for row=size(trail,1):-1:2 trail(row,:) = trail(row-1,:); %#This code changes the opacity of the VCode and therefore fades it out. trail(row, 9) = opacity; opacity = opacity + opacityChange; end trail(1,:) = handFeedbackVcode(1,:); VCODETrail = trail; end I didn't test this code but hopefully it gives you the idea of what you need to do. Let me know if this idea works for you. There are at least a few other ways to handle this. Duncan