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Bilateral assessment with a Single Robot (adding left handed tasks)

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Duncan McLean Staff asked 8 years ago

I have created a pertubation task that assesses interlimb transfer of force adaptation. I am using a KINARM 'endpoint' system with a single handle. In addition to creating a task that trains the right arm, I would like to add a task for the left but am unsure how to select 'left hand' in the dexterit-E GUI (see attatched screenshot).

In addition, I have attempted to add a second 'KINARM_HandInTarget' and 'Constant_Loads_EP' blocks to the simulink model (see file attatched), but have had no success. Many thanks.
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Duncan McLean Staff answered 8 years ago
The Right/Left arm fields in the GUI refer really to the right and left robots, not actually the subject's arm. The easiest way for you to keep track the arm that was used with an exam is to have separate protocols for each arm with right and left clearly in each name.

Since you only have one robot I don't think you need a second hand in target block. The existing hand in target block will tell you if the hand is in any target in your target table already since its output is an array. If you do find a use for the second hand in target block you would need to use the model explorer to add a new input to the state flow chart.  You will need to set the input to use 1 as the first index as well, otherwise you will run into trouble using the array in stateflow where the standard array indexing starts at 0.

In order to use your second constant loads block you will need to use the "sum" block to add the forces from both constant loads block together, then send the output of the sum block to the apply loads block.