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Associating 2 physicals buttons with kinarm

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moumarly asked 8 years ago
Hi Duncan,   On one of our programs we have to button on the screen. We want to replace those 2 buttons with two physicals ones. We want the subject himself to press those 2 buttons instead of the operator. We have a technicians who can make those buttons and he's asking questions that I am not able to answer. Like what is the voltage ? and when is high and low ?    Can you go a little bit on details on how to do that.    Thanks Mohamadou Ly
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Duncan McLean Staff answered 8 years ago
Hi Mohamadou, The easiest way to make use of physical buttons is to use the digital I/O on the NI 6229 cards.  In Simulink you would need to get the digital input block for the NI-6229 card. If you were to want to use the first 2 channels then you would specify in the block to use 1,2 as the input channels. The buttons created would need to be connected to PO 1, 2 on the BNC 2090A board. The connection can be bare wire into PO 1,2, or you can use a piece of wire to connect PO 1 to User 1, and PO 2 to USer 2, then use BNC connectors to User 1 and User 2. The buttons can be 5v and it's up to you if they should got high or low on a press. You would specify in your stateflow/simulink if you were looking for 0 or 1 as the hit. I hope that helps. Let me know if you need more details.
Michael Huang replied 7 years ago

Hi Duncan,
I don’t know why there is no digital input block for the NI-6229 card from the library of the KINARM I/O

Duncan McLean Staff replied 7 years ago

Hi Michael,

In the simulink library browser enter 6229 in the search field. One of the blocks returned should be named something like PCI-6229 DI. This is a block provided by MATLAB, so you won’t find it in our libraries.