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Adding a table to the task protocol

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Duncan McLean Staff asked 11 years ago
From Jordan I'm creating a new task that paints items similar to pie charts on the screen. Each pie chart can be specified by a series of angles (the slice sizes), and a series of values that basically act as labels (one value per slice). It'd be great to have a table akin to the target or load table (e.g., a chart-angle table) that I can reference in my trial protocol table. That is, the trial protocol table can have a parameter like "Chart Shape," and a 1 means return the first row of the chart-angle table (e.g., [30,90,30,90,30,90])... Are these tables wired deeply into Dexterit-E, or is there a relatively simple way to add a new one?
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Duncan McLean Staff answered 11 years ago
Hi Jordan, Unfortunately those tables are wired pretty deeply into the TDK and Dex. There's no easy way to create a new table. The only thing I can think that may be helpful is target labels. If you make a target label with a text list of values then you could parse apart those values in an M-function. It's not pretty, but it would work as long as your strings are not very long (<50 characters). Another option, if you don't have many chart shapes is to use jpegs. You can define a target as having an image as opposed to a color. Let me know if either of those don't work and I can try to help you find another way around.