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Traumatic Brain Injury

Obtaining Objective, Quantitative Data Has Never Been Easier

Kinarm assessments may be useful for objective, quantitative data about impairments in sensorimotor abilities, visuospatial attention, working memory and executive function after TBI. Kinarm can detect and measure statistically significant differences in brain function of subjects with reported TBI relative to healthy controls.

Better Your Research with Kinarm

Identify and Quantify

Subtle impairments may go undetected by clinical measures.

Measure with Ease

Measure motor acuity, proprioceptive awareness and ability to attend to multiple stimuli, which are all known to be potentially disrupted in subjects with TBI.
Detect With Accuracy.
Expose subtle changes or impairments in proprioception, which is an impairment often overlooked due to the lack of a reliable clinical test.
Evaluate With Confidence.
Evaluate bimanual motor ability and visuospatial attention with rapid visuomotor tasks.
Differentiate Between Subjects.
Some subjects may score similarly in clinical scores, but Kinarm helps you separate their performance.
Study interactions between upper limb and whole body postural control
With the adjustable height configuration of the Kinarm End-Point Lab, researchers can study reactive balance control in response to hand perturbations, which are important day-to-day.

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