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Stroke and TIA

Study Motor and Cognitive Function With a Highly-Flexible Platform

Gain objective measures of motor decline, cognitive impairment and loss of inhibitory control currently missing in gold-standard assessments.

Better Your Research with Kinarm

Enable assessments on severely impaired subjects.

The Kinarm Exoskeleton Lab allows you to assess subjects easily.

Quantify your perception.

Evaluate the underlying impairments resulting from a stroke.
Identify very subtle impairments that are often missed.
Current gold-standard tests will set you apart from others in the industry.
Measure significant change in impairments during the recovery.
Data matters. Kinarm helps you make the most of it.
Determine if subjects with TIA have measurable impairments.
From there, a treatment plan can be designed.
Targeted research is possible.
Select subjects based on their deficit profile for research protocols, clinical trials and development of targeted patient-specific interventions.

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