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Primarily Non-Neurological

Oftentimes, neurological assessment is not routinely undertaken for conditions primarily associated with another organ, such as the kidney or heart.

Kinarm supports brain function assessment across all conditions (neuro and non-neuro), with no specialized training required. Clinical researchers are able to gain a better understanding on the impact of various diseases on brain function. 

Better Your Research with Kinarm

Bring comprehensive, quantitative neurological assessments to non-neurological patient groups.

Shed light on previously obscure connections between diseases in other organs and their impact on the brain.

Quantify subtle, but statistically significant changes in brain function compared to healthy controls compared to RBANS.
Develop therapies with less cognitive-motor impact by monitoring changes in brain function in response to different treatment modalities such as hemodialysis or home dialysis.
Quantify the impact to brain function for a range of surgeries such as coronary artery bypass surgery.

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