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Our Story

Shedding a light on the field of sensorimotor neuroscience.

Why we pursued this

Developed in response to the lack of available tools to study upper-limb voluntary motor control, Kinarm is helping to transform neurological assessment with its advanced and innovative products. 

Advanced innovation for today’s research community

Unsatisfied with the available tools for studying upper-limb voluntary motor control, Dr. Stephen Scott of Queen’s University at Kingston invented the first Kinesiological Instrument for Normal and Altered Reaching Movement (KINARM) prototype in 1998 (Scott, 1999).  Our story of company formation is told here.

A 20-Year History

Setting new standards in neurological assessment

Through years of commitment to creating advanced, innovative products, Kinarm is now able to offer sophisticated technology labs. We are proud to say we have installed more than 130 human and NHP Kinarm Labs in our 20-year history.

In that time, the Kinarm has been used in more than 350 basic and clinical research publications, setting a new standard for the sensitivity and quality of neurological assessment tools, and enabling behaviourography for not just for the neuroscience community, but for the clinical research community as well.